1. Talk us through your first period, where were you? when was it? and what was your reaction?
My first period… I was 13, but I don't really have many memories, to be honest with you. We were no talking about it much when I was little. No one has never been prepared me for why this happens, feelings and body changes. There should be more communication around some important stages in the life of a little girl, especially intimate ones.
I was just expecting it because my other classmates had it before me. But was always a sort of taboo. In short, I knew what it was but that no one has ever prepared me for it. I remember that my mother sent me to my GP.
That is why I truly believe that it is necessary to be more aware of these important life stages. Women especially have often experienced certain important phases as taboo or with a sense of shame.
2. What is a period must-have for you?
Chocolate and red wine :) and my favourite underwear, for a risk-free period, I highly recommend them! Yes, because I believe in sustainability, and I stopped buying pads more than three years ago! So now I use my comfortable, reusable underwear made for all types of periods (from light to heavy). Then I put them in the washing machine with the "delicate / handwash" program. They are cool and sexy and don't create unnecessary waste.
3. What’s your most embarrassing, cringe-worthy, totally funny period moment?
Of these, I have several. I remember perfectly when I took a swim in the sea, I was still in Italy, and I thought that my period had magically gone away. Then a few hours later, the disaster happened... you know what I mean.
Or more than once, I forgot my pads (when I was still using them), and I had to fill my underwear with toilet paper. Once I have even had to cut a piece of my T-shirt because there was no toilet paper available.