1. Talk us through your first period, where were you? when was it? and what was your reaction?

My first period arrived on New Year’s Eve when I was 13. It was at my cousin’s house, we were at home and my mum was there so all was well, and to be honest I was pretty pumped to see it! I’m a woman now, I thought. Try and stop me! I think it was mostly the pressure of being a teenager and comparing yourself to the other girls who already got theirs. So finally, I’m part of the bleeders club, sweet.  

But the first one was a lesson in being careful what you wish for... as that period was a breeze! It lasted three days and was light on so I was laughing. Being a woman is great! But then period two hit - it felt like it lasted for weeks. It was so heavy, I bled through every night and two-night pads didn’t even seem to cut it. 

Things eventually settled down to a semi-normal week long but still heavy period. Being in the club is cool and catching up to the other girls is good but being a woman isn’t always fun as it turns out!

2. What is a period must-have for you?

Chocolate! Actually, that’s more like a pre-period thing. Or any time of the month thing. 

But on day one of my period I usually need a reset with ibuprofen, a good meal (bacon sandwich usually does the trick) and just to know that it’s going to be shit for a day or so. Allow yourself some space!

3. What’s your most embarrassing, cringe-worthy, totally funny period moment?

I was at my Auntie’s house and my other Aunt Flo turns up. She’s arrived with a bang too. Strong entrance Flo, thanks for that. So picture an awkward teenager with a heavy flow who’s unsure how to ask her Aunt (who she’s never really spoken to about this before) if she can help me with a pad. 

She hasn’t got any in the house but does have a panty liner. Hmmm, how do you explain that a liner, unfortunately, won’t cut it and that I’d be painting the house red unless she can help me with a pad? Cue more awkwardness while I explain and ask if she could go to the shop (asap) while I figure out how to fix the flow - guess I’ll be on the loo for the foreseeable. 

Anyway, all ends well, she returns with the goods and panic is over. But a little horrifying, feeling like a diva who demands my Aunt fetch me my pads while the other Aunt laughs and drains me of my will to live haha.

I will say though, whenever I’ve asked a fellow bleeder for help, they’ve always put on a big smile or knowing nod and been happy to supply a pad or tampon. It’s a special club, the Bleeders Club so don’t ever be afraid to ask for help! We have each other’s backs.