1. Talk us through your first period, where were you? when was it? and what was your reaction?
I got my first period at school. I remember for the month leading up to it I was sooooo scared I was going to get it so would be checking the back of my dress every time I stood up!! All the other girls in my class got it before me so I knew it was inevitable. I told my mum she was soooo excited and went out and brought me all these things. I begged her not to tell dad cos I was mortified if he knew!
2. What is a period must have for you?
Given my period is quite irregular at the moment I always have to make sure I have a panty liner on me because I never know when it’s going to come! Oh and trash TV. That is a must!
3. What’s your most embarrassing, cringe worthy, totally funny period moment?
Probably when I lived in America and no one knew what pads were over there and got some thorough leakage onto my jeans! Lots of makeshift toilet paper that day!! And then I changed to tampons and never looked back!