1. Talk us through your first period. Where were you? When was it? What was your reaction?
My first period was at my dad’s house in the school holidays. I don’t remember exactly how old I was but I know I was older than most of my friends so I was expecting my period to show up soon, like waiting for a surprise you know is coming but you don’t know when. 
I remember not feeling great, going to the toilet and getting such a shock! 
My mum had done a great job on preparing me for my period: I knew what to expect, how it might feel and what I needed. I knew it was totally normal and natural and everything was going to be okay. But even with all that preparation, I completely freaked out. My first thought wasn’t even that I had got my period, just that I was bleeding. I got hot and sweaty and felt like I was going to faint, before vomiting into the toilet bowl. 
My dad was at work so I had to tell my step-mum and ask her to get me some pads. We don’t have a great relationship so lets just say it was less than ideal to share this experience with her. But my mum sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers and I was lucky enough to have my sister with me and be able to stay with my grandma that night. 
2. What is a period must have for you?
My biggest must-have is my Modibodi period undies. They’ve changed my period completely. While I don’t necessarily look forward to my period, they have really helped to make it a little more fun and significantly more comfortable. 
My biggest issues are bloating and cramping which means that any undies that sit fine during the rest of the month can sometimes be super annoying once I get bloated and cranky. I love the high waisted recycled undies Modibodi have. They sit super comfortably, don’t press down on my stomach and feel super comfy and secure. Not to mention they are just so much easier than pads and tampons and save you a bucketload of money in the long run. Plus the colours are all bright, which can really lift my mood! 
Sorry, this sounds like an ad for Modibodi but honestly it’s not! I just really really love the way their undies have changed my period experience in literally every aspect they could. 
The other must-haves are snacks (I am a fiend for salt and vinegar chips and dark chocolate) and a cheeky wine if its been a long week. 
Ok we all have at least one so let’s get them out in the open!
3. What’s your most embarrassing cringe worthy totally funny period moment?
I was mortified about this at the time but I’ve grown to love it as I’ve gotten older and it is one of my favourite things to share with people. It’s not exactly about my period itself, but it is period adjacent. 
Since I was at Dad’s for my first period, Mum was pretty disappointed that she missed out on this big moment in my life. So when I got back at the end of the school holidays, Mum organised a ‘period party’. She invited our close family friends over and we had dinner and a cake to celebrate my first period. Like I said, at the time and for many years after I was completely embarrassed by the whole situation, but looking back now it’s a fun (and genuinely lovely) thing that Mum did for me.