1. Talk us through your first period, where were you? when was it? and what was your reaction?
I got my first period when I was in Year 7 or 8 I think - I can’t remember exactly but I know I was a bit later than a lot of my friends so I sort of knew what to expect and stuff. Even though I knew what to expect and I knew it was normal and all that, I still didn’t handle it all that well looking back now. I found it really uncomfortable, like REALLY uncomfortable and I remember just feeling like I needed to sit on the toilet the whole time.
2. What is a period must have for you?
I’m a bit of a cliche with this one but choccy and a hot water bottle. I’m not much of a chocolate girl normally, but the week before my period I’m a chocolate machine I’ve recently gone off the pill so I’m intrigued to see if any of this changes for me in the coming weeks! Another one for me is wanting to be alone!! In the first few days of my period when I feel like s*** I just want to be alone!
3. What’s your most embarrassing, cringe worthy, totally funny period moment?
I actually have a few of these stories but I think one that really stuck with (traumatised) me was pretty early on in my period days. I still didn’t have a regular period, meaning it just came at random times and sometimes I didn’t even know it had started etc yet because for a while I didn’t experience too much pain or anything associated with it started. So anyway, I was out for a big group dinner with my Netball team and I was wearing my brand new, super cool white jeans and you can probably guess what happened next... I got home and went to the bathroom and realised my period had soaked through my jeans and I was 99.99999% sure every single person at that dinner, and in the restaurant, would’ve seen I remember not wanting to go to games or training for a while after that but looking back now, I realise this kinda stuff happens to a lot of people and all you can do is laugh!!