1. Talk us through your first period, where were you? when was it? and what was your reaction?
Year 8 in morning home room, it came! I rushed to the toilet, then had to call my mum from sickbay for new undies! Wasn’t shocked or scared all my friends had it before me. My mum’s reaction was the best, she came in with my ugliest pair of undies and said here you go, about time!! My mum is very immature and made a joke out of it more than a life lesson. 
2. What is a period must have for you?
Tampons, heat pack and Panadol. I’m lucky enough that it’s not crippling pain! But I get an achy back.
3. What’s your most embarrassing, cringe worthy, totally funny period moment?
Getting my period on an overseas flight, the cabin crew were 90% men. Spent a good 15 mins trying to find the female air hostess and ask for sanitary items!!