1. Talk us through your first period, where were you? when was it? and what was your reaction?
My first period, I was in Warrnambool visiting my beloved Aunty and fave little cousin during the Christmas holidays before starting high school in 2006. I had gotten my period the night before I was due to take him to the movies.
I didn’t tell mum, too bloody embarrassed to talk about my bodily fluids. I remember when she had told me about periods a few years earlier, I cried and said I didn’t want it. Naturally she had laughed.
Anyway, I pinched a tampon or 2 from her bag and placed them in my undies... between the lips of my vagina (no it wasn’t comfortable) once we got to the cinemas, we were all sat awaiting the doors to open. I began to get rather paranoid that I wasn’t doing this right and was going to leak everywhere and on everyone.
So I whispered to mum what was up and she immediately told my Aunty, asking if she had any pads in a not so quiet whisper. I was so embarrassed. So off we all went as a family, 5 y.o. cousin dawdling behind wondering why we were leaving the cinemas to get me my first pad. Back to the cinema toilets, my aunt, cousin and mum all packed in. Mum and aunty talking over the door asking if I was alright, giving me reassuring words of encouragement. Fair to say I was glad to sit in a dark room for the next 2 hours.
2. What is a period must have for you?
My wheat pack and something to cry to (Greys Anatomy. Always Greys Anatomy.)
3. What’s your most embarrassing, cringe worthy, totally funny period moment?
Dropping a mother flipping tampon out of my wallet, in the middle of the food court, while I was with a boy I had a crush on. Ugh and he laughed and made fun of me - I wish I knew what I know now. I would have laughed at his naivety and rolled my eyes at his stupid boy face.